Burnett’s digital paintings of local wooded spaces document natural 'pathways' created by streams that are often paralleled by, or collide with, man-made walking paths. With beliefs rooted in the science of Quantum Physics, the study of the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, and even smaller microscopic levels, Burnett shares his intent behind the insertion of neon spirals and colour dots present throughout his landscapes.

“These elements represent the universal life force or the intangible and invisible energy abundant within natural environments. The spiral ribbons specifically reference spiral energy and how it is everywhere around us, but is not fully understood. When it comes to the dots of light and colour, some might describe such entities as visible auras, rays or fields. By including these visual symbols of energy within the picture plane my aim is to communicate the sense of serenity and healing I experience when in the wooded landscape.”

Brian Burnett 2016

Watch Brian Burnett's 4 min explanation on youtube.

Brian Burnett C.V.2016